Stake Me by hodling GWI

To me, the most amazing idea floating around in the Metaverse is that any entity can issue its own tokens, which can then increase in value with demand.

Imagine if your favorite band that you saw 20 times when they were just starting out had issued a token to you for each ticket you bought.

Then, that band got big. Really big. And the demand for their tokens increased, and you still had 20 in your wallet from the shows you went to five years ago. And you realize you can trade those for real money which amounts to so much more than you paid for each ticket originally.

So you cash out, and you’ve essentially been compensated for your early support!

So, that’s what my GeoToken is. It’s not a ticket, per se, but maybe I’ll have a party and you have to hold some GWI to get in. Or I’ll airdrop some surprises to holders periodically.

And as the value of these tokens increases, we’ll all benefit.

Do you want to hold some GeoToken? Holler!