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More Album Art
More Album Art

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Mice & Rifles

Mice & Rifles Cover Art

Mice and Rifles asked me to create the album art for their Lebe Wohl in Tejas release. They provided photos they wanted included like these ones, with an emphasis on the decaying virgin Mary image, which has contextual significance. Keeping that and their volatile but introspective, western rock sound in mind, I put together a collage, color story and typography for the EP cover and CD tray, and sent it to print.

Mice & Rifles Booklet Interior

Demon Bear

Demon Bear - Primitive

Demon Bear is a solo project of Austin-based pedal steel player and multi-instrumentalist, Phil McJunkins. Phil got in touch and told me about his new project, a pedal steel-driven fusion of heavy shoegaze, black metal and atmospheric instrumental music, and I was pretty excited to do his record cover. He wanted something that would acknowledge the metal influence and heavy aspects of the record but still set it apart as something more graceful.



Crucis is a DIY Christian folk EP I recorded at home in 2012 with auto darkening welding helmet, featuring some of my favorite songs from when I attended church camp at Camp Crucis in Granbury, TX, as a teenager.

Justin Phillips, “You Got It” Single

Justin Phillips - You Got It

Justin and I have written a few songs together, and this isn’t one of them. But he was telling me about his digital-only single he was putting out, and showed me the artwork he had put together for it. I couldn’t help myself from helping him. What you see above is his basic concept (name/logo, photo and song title), but cleaned up, focused, balanced, and ready for iTunes, etc.

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